Wintertime Friends Meet Christmas Desserts

Christmas desserts are filling the bakery, and with them they bring a variety of adorable winter friends. It’s so much fun to add whimsy to our holiday goodies with these seasonal cuties.

My favorites this year are the adorable fondant animal toppers we made for a perfect December first birthday cake. You may recognize them from the movie Elf. “Goodbye, Buddy. Hope you find your dad.”

Fondant Animal Cake Toppers - Buddy's Friends from the movie Elf - by Beverly's Best Bakery

Even though we don’t get snow in Southern California we still love including snowmen in our holiday designs. These snowmen French Macarons and cake pops are so popular right now that we can’t keep them in stock (the trees, too).

Snowman and Christmas Tree French Macarons by Beverly's Best Bakery

Snowman Cake Pop by Beverly's Best Bakery

Gingerbread boys and girls are always a must. I must admit that ours taste even better than they look.

Gingerbread Cookies by Beverly's Best Bakery

Gingerbread in general is at the top of the list of flavors for Christmas desserts. This year we introduced a gingerbread cupcake. Spice cake filled with homemade gingerbread cream, topped with gingerbread buttercream, and an edible fondant gingerbread cut-out. Yum!

Gingerbread Cupcake by Beverly's Best Bakery

Santa even agreed to loan us some of his special helpers, but just until Christmas Eve.

Fondant Santa's Elves Christmas Cake by Beverly's Best Bakery Fondant Santa's Elves Cake by Beverly's Best Bakery

Reindeer Cake Pop by Beverly's Best Bakery

We have all of these special friends (and many, many more) waiting to come home with you. Stop in to either location to pick some up or place an order. Time is running out, and it will be a whole year before they’re back for a visit.

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All Christmas Treats and Cakes – Beverly’s Best Bakery

Be Thankful – Fall Desserts

I’m so glad there is a time of year specifically dedicated to being thankful. I’m also happy about the line-up of fall desserts we have to help celebrate this season of Thanksgiving.

Up first, a seasonal cake complete with falling fondant leaves and hand painted accents. Spice is our most popular cake flavor this time of year.

Falling Fondant Leaves Cake by Beverly's Best Bakery

As if French Macarons weren’t fabulous enough, they’re even better when they’re done up as pumpkins.

Pumpkin French Macarons by Beverly's Best Bakery

Turkey cake pops make their annual appearance among some of the other great designs that we’re doing for fall.

Thanksgiving Cake Pops by Beverly's Best Bakery

Our pies are beyond amazing. During the season we offer apple-crumb, pumpkin and pecan. Just look at the homemade crumb topping on these beauties. We even do them in mini size.

Apple Crumb Pie by Beverly's Best Bakery

Mini Thanksgiving Pies by Beverly's Best Bakery

If you can’t decide between pie and cupcakes, these custom decorated pie cupcakes are the perfect choice for you.

Thanksgiving "Pie" Cupcakes by Beverly's Best Bakery

Make sure to bring a box of fall desserts to your gracious Thanksgiving host and/or hostess. We have them ready to pick-up in both locations, or you can place a custom order to get the exact assortment that you would like.

Fall Desserts Gift Box by Beverly's Best Bakery

While the colors of fall don’t exactly incorporate my favorite shade of pink, I must admit they are absolutely lovely, especially on this simply elegant wedding cake.

Spanish Tile Inspired Wedding Cake by Beverly's Best Bakery

Here’s to another year of gratefulness for all my many blessings both in and out of the bakery.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!

vendors and credits

All Fall Desserts – Beverly’s Best Bakery

Spooktacular Halloween Cakes and Treats!

Every year it seems like Halloween becomes a bigger and bigger holiday. That means at the bakery we find ourselves making more and more amazing Halloween cakes and treats.

Here’s a look at some of our SPOOKtacular creations that are sure to wake the dead.

Zombie Halloween Cake by Beverly's Best Bakery

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Our New Store – Beverly’s Best, Yorba Linda!

It’s been a whirlwind since my last post. Hard to believe that was five days before we opened the Beverly’s Best Bakery Yorba Linda shop. Now here we are, just shy of two months in, and opening day seems like so long ago already.

We’ve loved sharing our new bakery with everyone. For those that haven’t had a chance to visit us yet, here’s a tour of our new location. These gorgeous photos were captured by the talented Jen Disney on that amazing first day.

Beverly's Best Bakery Yorba Linda

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Setting Up Shop – Beverly’s Best Bakery Yorba Linda

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted an update. To say it’s been busy and crazy around here would be an understatement. Running an existing location and building a new location is no easy task.  But, things are coming together, and Beverly’s Best Bakery Yorba Linda will be opening its doors next week on Wednesday, July 30th!!!

I don’t want to give away everything that’s happening behind the papered windows, so here’s just a little peek…

There have been many days (and very late nights) setting up the shop.

Beverly's Best Bakery Yorba Linda

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Time to Staff Up – Jobs at Beverly’s Best Bakery

So it seems you can’t open a new bakery location without hiring more people! That means it’s time to start staffing up for some new jobs at Beverly’s Best Bakery.

Jobs at Beverly's Best Bakery

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Building a Bakery – Beverly’s Best, Yorba Linda

Let me start off by saying how much we appreciate all the support, well wishes and interest that’s been coming our way since we announced last month that we’re building a new Beverly’s Best Bakery location in Yorba Linda. It seems everyone is curious as to how things are moving along, and since we’ve had quite a bit of progress, I figured it’s a good time to share what’s happening inside our new space.

Here’s a look at some of the behind-the-scenes stages of building a bakery…

After demo – a clean slate

Building a Bakery - Beverly's Best Yorba Linda

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The Details, volume 4 – Thematic Cakes

Are you the kind of party planner that has to have a defined theme for your event? If so, then these thematic cakes are just the cakes for you.

At the bakery, it’s fun for us to create a showpiece that will perfectly fit the theme of our customers’ celebrations. Whether a wedding inspired by nature, a birthday fit for a fairytale princess, or a shower full of woodland friends, it’s the details of these cakes that make them special enough for these special gatherings…

Fondant Love Birds by Beverly's Best Bakery

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Love is All Around – Valentine’s Day Cakes and Treats

It’s hard to believe that the last time I posted we were right on the cusp of Christmas, and now here we are… already creating Valentine’s Day Cakes and Treats.
Being obsessed with all things PINK you can imagine that I wait for this holiday. I get so excited to see the bakery filled with LOVE-inspired goodies and customers who are in to buy something SWEET for their own special someone.

I know you’re going to ADORE what we’ve got in store for you this February 14th.

Boxes of Love Valentine's Day Cake by Beverly's Best Bakery

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