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I’m thrilled to have one of my favorite event planners and sponsors, Natalie Vishny of Swellegant Events, as a guest poster today. Her insights on the Top 10 Wedding Day Moments for YOUR big day are spot on! The memories of these moments are certainly ones you won’t want to miss.
Your Top 10 Wedding Day Moments Featured on

Planning a wedding is overwhelming. The process can take on a life of its own, and sometimes it’s easy to forget that at the heart of it all is a day about the bride, the groom and their select circle of family and friends.

As a seasoned wedding planner who has been honored to be a part of weddings for more than 10 years, I’d love to share my top moments YOU should have on your wedding day…

  1. A great breakfast with your wedding party and family. Whether you’re getting your make-up done or are out for a round of golf, don’t forget to eat. It’s going to be a long day!
  2. An exchange of cards or gifts with each other. Nothing feels better when you have a few jitters than to have the words from your fiancée before the ceremony.
  3. A private first look with one another. That moment trumps all others, and will allow you to be completely calm when the ceremony begins. I’ve seen the very best photos of the day coming from that moment.Your Top 10 Wedding Day Moments Featured on
  4. A pre-ceremony toast or prayer with your bridal party. Take a deep breath, raise your glass or bow your head, and take a moment to thank those closest to you.
  5. A great, LONG walk down the aisle. Look around at your venue and choose the longest walk possible. You only get to do this once. Why not make it count?Your Top 10 Wedding Day Moments Featured on
  6. THE kiss. Make it matter. Take your time. Lips are a great thing to be celebrated.Your Top 10 Wedding Day Moments Featured on
  7. Your FIRST dance. Whether you love to dance or hate to dance, it really doesn’t matter in this moment. Get some dance lessons before your wedding, choose a timeless or meaningful song, and relish the moment.Your Top 10 Wedding Day Moments Featured on
  8. Thank you speeches to your guests. Take a few minutes to thank your family and friends at your cake cutting. It’s a wonderful time to thank those who made your big day possible.
  9. Your LAST dance. Look around and take in the last moments of your day.
  10. Your send off. Sparklers? Fireworks? Confetti Blast? Motorcycle or Rolls Royce? Honeymoon clothes. Personalize it and make it your own.Your Top 10 Wedding Day Moments Feautred on Top 10 Wedding Day Moments Featured on


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guest-post-photo-2Natalie Vishny and her team have designed and produced hundreds of weddings, corporate gatherings and charitable events throughout North America for more than a decade. Natalie is known for her Midwestern style customer service, culinary creativity, design excellence, deep catering background, and strong leadership

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