Featured Celebration – The Boys’ Reptile Party

After a month-plus hiatus from blogging to enjoy the end of summer and get my boys settled into being 3rd graders, I figured the perfect reason to jump back in is to finally feature their Reptile Party!

Reptile Party by TIERS.love.joy

They turned 8 back in June (here’s the post), and all they talked about wanting for the whole year before were three Triplet Boys 8th Birthday featured on TIERS.love.joyRussian tortoises and a reptile birthday to go along with them. Since we don’t have enough going on in our house with a bakery, four kids and two dogs, we thought why not, tortoises seem easy enough.
Once the decision was made to surprise them with the tortoises, the party theme became a go as well. Let’s just say that my boys pretty much love anything that creeps, crawls or hops. So, I added a few other “animals” (like spiders and frogs) to the party even though they don’t technically fit into the reptile category.

First order of business was to get in touch with our super talented TLJ sponsor, That’s So Cute, for invitations and party graphics. Lindsey incorporated my love of mixing colors, designs and patterns with our theme absolutely perfectly.

Reptile Party Invitation by TIERS.love.joy and That's So Cute

For the party details I wanted to play off the natural desert habitat of most reptiles. I used earth tones and a variety of graphic fabrics. I also made succulent plantings (complete with colorful creatures) that served as both decorations and party favors for the guests. So glad to have had Jen Disney photograph for us again.

Reptile Party by TIERS.love.joy

Reptile Party by TIERS.love.joy

There’s no doubt about it, our parties always include a lot of food. Check out the yummy spread for our herbivore and carnivore guests. The tortoise fruit bowl took longer than I expected, but it turned out so cute.

Reptile Party by TIERS.love.joy

It was a crazy hot day, so the slushy station was definitely enjoyed. Tessa spent a lot of time at the ice bucket!

Reptile Party by TIERS.love.joy

There’s no way I was going to let this birthday pass without having some amazing reptile-inspired desserts. Most importantly, the cakes had to be sculpted to look like their new tortoises – Rocky, Shelly and Pebbles. One of my amazing cake decorators, Chanté, did such an incredible job that everyone thought the cakes were real.

Sculpted Tortoise Cakes by Beverly's Best Bakery

For the rest of the dessert table I did cake pops, cupcakes topped with fondant snakes, lizard shaped sugar cookies and turtle brownie bites. I displayed everything using different cake stands, ceramic platters, and wooden stumps/stools/trays.

Reptile Dessert Table by Beverly's Best Bakery

Reptile Party Cake Pops by Beverly's Best Bakery Fondant Snake Cupcakes by Beverly's Best Bakery Lizard Sugar Cookies by Beverly's Best BakeryTurtle Brownie Bites by Beverly's Best Bakery

Kids love scavenger hunts, so we hid creatures in the yard and set the guests loose on a game of search and find. The winners got to pick one of the big succulent plantings as their take-home prize.

Reptile Party by TIERS.love.joy

It would have seemed strange for the only visiting animals at the party to be of plastic origin. So, we arranged for the folks from Reptile Island to come and bring a variety of reptiles and other creepy-crawlers.

Reptile Party by TIERS.love.joy

For the moments that I held this Madagascar Hissing Cockroach I felt like the coolest mom of boys in the whole world!

Reptile Party by TIERS.love.joy

Now that my guys are getting older I fear that my days of planning/hosting fun and creative parties are coming to an end. I have really enjoyed celebrating these special years with them.

Love you boys!  Thanks for making me a mommy 8 happy years ago!!!

Reptile Party by TIERS.love.joy

vendors and credits

Cake, Desserts and Cake Stands – Beverly’s Best Bakery  //  Party Design, Décor, Food and Succulents – Jennifer of TIERS.love.joy  //  Photography – Jen Disney Photography  //  Invite and Banner Graphics – That’s So Cute  //  Paper Straws – ThePartyFairy  //  Slushy Machines – Killer Chillers  //  Custom Tortoise T-Shirts – Elemental Shop  //  On-Site Live Reptiles – Reptile Island, Yorba Linda


  1. stacey

    Absolutely love the design. Can you tell me where to purchase the banner please? Thanks! Stacey

    • Stacey, the etsy seller that I ordered the reptile banners from unfortunately no longer sells party graphics. :(

  2. Monique

    Thank you for sharing your boys b-day party. Enjoyed the pictures as much as we do your treats at the bakery. My son from Reptile Island did your party that day and said the kids were great. Thank you again from Reptile Island.

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