Our Triplet Boys are 8! – Their Cakes Over the Years

Our sweet triplet boys turned eight on June 21st. Which means, I wanted to write this post two weeks ago (and everyday since then), but as a busy mama and bakery owner – life kept getting in the way. Well, better late than never!

I thought it would be fun to look back and share cake and party highlights from their first seven years. The last photo is them getting this year’s birthday gifts, and is a foreshadowing of their 8th bday party that I’ll feature in a few weeks (once I get the photos).

Of course, though, I have to start off with a photo of them when they were first born. Is there anything cuter than these preemie triplet boys? My heart bursts every time I remember the anticipation and excitement and FEAR of that day!!!

Triplet Boys Featured on TIERS.love.joy

People always ask what it was like in the beginning with three babies.  My answer has always been… “The first year was like one long day. Then all of a sudden, we woke up and they weren’t newborns anymore.”

As you can imagine, the 1st birthday was cause for a big celebration!
Theme – Cupcakes and Polka-dots
Memorable Moment – With as much as they love sweets now, it’s hard to believe that we had to help them “smash” into those cakes.

Triplet Boys 1st Birthday Cakes by Beverly's Best Bakery

2nd Birthday
Theme – Backyard Boys
Memorable Moment – Adler’s frowny face in the playhouse

Triplet Boys Backyard Birthday Cake by Beverly's Best Bakery

3rd Birthday
Theme – Safari in the Park
Memorable Moment – One of my favorite family photos of us!

Triplet Boys Safari Birthday Cake by Beverly's Best Bakery

4th Birthday
Theme – Trip to Candyland
Memorable Moment – How excited they were when they walked into our kitchen to find their cake and all that candy

Triplet Boys Candyland Birthday Cake by Beverly's Best Bakery

5th Birthday
Theme – A Day at the Carnival (see the full blog post here)
Memorable Moment – The fun that everyone had. The games, the prizes, the photo booth, the décor, the cakes – it really did feel like we were all at the carnival.

Triplet Boys Circus Birthday Cakes by Beverly's Best Bakery

6th Birthday
Theme – Under the Sea
Memorable Moment – Enjoying the last birthday with just my boys. I was crazy pregnant, and Tessa was born just over a month later.

Triplet Boys Sea Creature Birthday Cakes by Beverly's Best Bakery

7th Birthday
Theme – Arty Party
Memorable Moment – Seeing them go from smiling together to teasing each other in a matter of seconds.  Story of our life!

Triplet Boys Arty Party Cake by Beverly's Best Bakery

8th Birthday
The boys get their tortoises!!!
Full party and cake feature to come.
Triplet Boys 8th Birthday featured on TIERS.love.joy

As I reminisce about these past eight years (how we waited and prayed for them and now celebrate with them), I’m filled with nothing but TEARS OF JOY!!!
We love you boys!

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